Color: A Natural History of the Palette


Victoria Finlay


Meeting: Thursday, July 18 @ 6-7:30 PM


Location: Kelly-McKenna Gallery, 1308 Third Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ


Summary: In "Color: A Natural History of the Palette", author Victoria Finlay takes us on a captivating journey to find the origins of the artist's palette, illuminating how the colors we choose to value have determined the history of culture itself.


How did the most precious color blue travel all the way from remote lapis mines in Afghanistan to Michelangelo’s brush? What is the connection between brown paint and ancient Egyptian mummies? Why did Robin Hood wear Lincoln green?Finlay explores the physical materials that color our world, such as precious minerals and insect blood, as well as the social and political meanings that color has carried through time.


About Art Book Club: We meet the third Thursday of every month at Kelly-McKenna Gallery to discuss all topics art, architecture, and design adjacent. 


You can follow us on Instagram: @kmgbookclub


Our monthly wine selection is available at Bottle Shop of Spring Lake; (732) 449-5525

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